Iron Maiden announces rescheduled European tour dates for Summer 2021

Iron Maiden have announced new rescheduled tour dates for Summer 2021.

Read the band’s official statement below:

“I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well, wherever you may be, and my continued thanks to you all for bearing with us so patiently.

Due to the continuing health issues Worldwide around Covid-19 we regretfully inform you that Iron Maiden will now not be playing any concerts until June 2021.

Ambush - Infidel

Sweden’s Ambush is an interesting band, probably, better than most of their newer wave trad metallist pals that worships in the altar of Priest and Maiden. But these kids also seem to be mixing more melodic stuff, ie Dokken, Riot (the hard rock side) and Scorpions to the mix.
On their third album they seem to be running in parallel to their countrymen in Enforcer, trying to clean their act up, showing of as much versatility as the genre and it’s rather dumb crowd may afford them.

Ironflame - Blood Red Victory

Ironflame have been a going concern for the past few years, the brainchild of well-traveled multi-talented instrumentalist and vocalist Andrew D’Cagna (newly minted in Icarus Witch but also member of a myriad of other bands), who seems to be a real one man band, with an ensemble of musicians helping out with live performances and a quick succession of some three albums since their conception in 2016 including the current one “Blood Red Victory”.

Tygers Of Pan Tang - Ritual

The good ole Tygers Of Pan Tang are still roaring, with their newest album “Ritual” dropping in late 2019. In a year that a lot of older bands came up with some pretty good albums (Angel Witch, Diamond Head, The Rods come to mind), the Tygers are also coming up with the goods, with an album that sits well with the rest of the canon and pretty much cements Jacopo Meille’s era, as the genuine heir of the bands rich 80s legacy.

Ironflame to release new studio album “Blood Red Victory” on February 7th 2020

U.S. Heavy Metal Warriors Ironflame will release its third full-length album, “Blood Red Victory” on February 7th, 2020, via Divebomb Records (CD) and Metalworld Switzerland (vinyl and cassette).

A lyric video for the album’s first single, “Seekers of the Blade”, is available below.

Dressed To Kill - Midnight Impulsion

A couple of weeks ago I was whining as usual, discussing with our dear editor in chief about newest releases while getting links to them and also exchanging gossip about the scene when he sent me a link to this – of all things Chinese Speed Metal combo… I sort of dismissed the notion, going like – a Chinese speed metal band – wtf… but intrigued; I sort of went to their bandcamp page and pressed play… I was expecting some really mediocre result and while Dressed To Kill didn’t set my world on fire, all the way, I was left thinking wtf… these guys are a

Kursk sign with Wormholedeath and release lyric video for new single “Reaper of the Night”

Suffolk based metal combo Kursk are glad to announce that they have signed a deal with WormHoleDeath for the release of their self-titled album “Kursk”.

“Kursk” will be out on November 29th, 2019, via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Wormholedeath USA. 

Band statement:

Screamer - Highway of Heroes

These Swedes are celebrating a decade of existence this year, by releasing their fifth outing. Sounding like a less refined version of Enforcer and Ambush, they have a penchant for writing that straightforward, samey, simplistic metal that’s easy to enjoy, but hard to appreciate for more than the cheap thrill it is. The main issue other than the somewhat flat songs, is Andreas Wikström, the singer, who is not terrible, but is a far cry from being great.

Angel Witch launches music video for new single “Death from Andromeda”

In the wake of their brand new album, “Angel of Light” - already being described by some as the band's finest work since the legendary debut - Angel Witch are proud to present their first bona fide music video since their eponymous single nearly forty years ago: the incendiary and extraterrestrial-themed “Death from Andromeda”. Watch the video, below.

Millennium - A New World

Millennium made quite a name for themselves, on the strength of an eponymous 1984 album, which has achieved cult status, among fans, with it pleasurable, if not unspectacular traditional NWOBHM styling. They broke up a few years later after a series of demos (that No Remorse Records GR later compiled and released) and the band was resurrected in 2016, largely by the singer Mark Duffy, with a new line up around him.