melodic power metal

Helloween announces “United Alive World Tour Part II” and new studio album for 2020

Looking back to Helloween’s universally lauded Pumpkins United World Tour: the excitement that swept through the media began with the announcement of the power metal legend’s plan to visit at least 32 countries across three continents - but the reactions were nothing compared to the euphoria of over a million fans at sold out halls and festivals around the globe.

Serenity to release new studio album “The Last Knight” on January 31st 2020

Serenity has just released their addictive first single, “Set The World on Fire”, along with an official music video, which takes the listener to the age of the Holy Roman Empire of The Last Knight, Maximilian I.

“Whoever prepares no memorial for himself during his lifetime has none after his death and is forgotten along with the sound of the bell that tolls his passing” - Maximilian I.

Victorius release lyric video for new single “Shuriken Showdown”

Mighty Shinobi – Sharpen your Laser Katana and enter the cosmic commando base with Victorius’ brand new single “Shuriken Showdown” along with an official lyric video. Named after the well-known ninja game “Shuriken Showdown”, the intergalactic warriors continue with another chapter of their epic saga.

DragonForce - Extreme Power Metal

British cheddar metal maestros have now existed for two decades, releasing eight albums, confirming that if you’re consistent it doesn’t exactly matter what you’re gonna be all about, you are likely to succeed if you put some effort into it.
Dragonforce’s nintendocore power metal remains as stagnant as it ever was. Cheery, major key, superfast, with vibrato being a taboo word and sounding like sped up video game music, with over the top lyrics on top.

Kingcrown release music video for new single “Over the Moon”

Kingcrown have released their second official video and radio single for the song “Over the Moon”. Watch the video below.

The track is taken from the band’s debut album “A Perfect World” out on November 1st, 2019.

The video was filmed, directed & edited by Mehdi Khadouj. The actors are Chris Martin, and Alexia Mussard. The digital single for “Over the Moon” is now available across all digital and streaming platforms!

Victorius to release new studio album “Space Ninjas from Hell” on January 17th 2020

Join the intergalactic Power Metal Clan in Space! Today, Victorius release their first single and heroic official music video cut from their new album, “Space Ninjas from Hell”!

Take a blustery ride through the intergalactic universe led by the mysterious “Super Sonic Samurai” from the dark side of the sun.

NorthTale release new music video for “Everyone’s a Star”

Last month, Swedish-American power metal supergroup NorthTale played two concerts in Japan as part of the Evoken Fest. Between these shows, they had no time to rest, but also recorded their first-ever music video in the Tokyo metropolis.

Watch the video for “Everyone’s a Star”, which was shot, edited and directed by Jason McNamara, below.