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Riot to release “Rock World” rarities album on March 27th 2020

On March 27th, 2020, Riot will release the rarities compilation album, “Rock World”, via Metal Blade Records.

For a preview of the record, check out the “Rockworld Theme” below.

Pre-order the album, here, in any of these formats:
• ltd. Digipak-CD
• black vinyl (ltd. 400)
• iron grey blue marbled vinyl (ltd. 200)
• rusty orange brown marbled vinyl (ltd. 200)

Victoria K to release debut album “Essentia” on April 24th 2020

Australia’s Victoria K is sharing their new video “Forsaken”, featuring Sheri Vengeance in support of the forthcoming debut album “Essentia” due out on April 24th, 2020, via Rockshots Records.

The full length was produced by Lee Bradshaw and features special guest Michalina Malisz (Eluveitie).

Helloween announce Dirkschneider as special guest for upcoming Fall 2020 European Tour

Dirkschneider is confirmed as the special guest for Helloween’s upcoming “United Alive Part II” European tour 2020.

Udo Dirkschneider and his band will be performing songs solely from his era with Accept, the band he experienced his worldwide breakthrough with at the beginning of the 80s. His voice is the soul of such timeless hits as “Metal Heart”, “Princess of the Dawn” and “Balls to the Wall”.

Serenity - The Last Knight

I’ve never been the biggest champion of Austria’s Serenity, heck, I’ve always found them too light and by the numbers for my tastes, but it would be somewhat of a shame to not recognize that Georg Neuhauser has matured into a reasonably good singer, through their seven album and his other extracurricular bands.
They seem to have begun a concept album cycle, with 2017’s “Lionheart”, which was dedicated to the British monarch Richard the 1st. This one seems dedicated to the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian the 1st.

Victorius - Space Ninjas from Hell

If I were to be honest, Napalm, with a very few exceptions, is the home to some of the worse bands on the planet, many of them being blatant copycats of other, more famous bands, others just wearing fancy costumes and producing rather laughable music and some of them just bands that used to be in other companies but for a variety of reasons were let go.

Serious Black - Suite 226

“Suite 226” is the fourth proper album of Serious Black, a band that started as a promising, culmination of famous musicians, with many departures plaguing them and driving them down to a core four piece band at present. The somewhat rapid succession of albums as well, on a rhythm of one per year, didn’t do them any favors, with the band having now given up some three years of, off time before coming up with a new album.

Serenity releases music video for new single “My Kingdom Comes”

With their third single “My Kingdom Comes” off their upcoming album, “The Last Knight”, to be released via Napalm Records, Serenity continues the epic journey in the footsteps of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I.. The beautiful conceptualized video shows the last knight himself and impressively visualizes the ancient spirit of medieval times.

DragonForce announces March 2020 US Headlining Tour

This past September, DragonForce unleashed their eighth full-length, “Extreme Power Metal”, via Metal Blade Records.

In support of its release, the band will head out on the road next month in Europe, before touring the US with Unleash The Archers and Visions Of Atlantis. Both of these treks will see Alicia Vigil (Vigil Of War) handling bass and backing vocals for the band.