Lizzy Borden signs worldwide solo artist deal with Metal Blade Records

Lizzy Borden has spent over three decades creating some of the most theatrical metal in existence, releasing classics such as “Love You to Pieces” (1985) and “Master of Disguise” (1989), while obliterating audiences worldwide with a stage show that rivals that of Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper. For his efforts, he has become nothing short of a metal icon.

Empires Of Eden - Architect of Hope

Empires Of Eden, the multi-singer fronted project, by guitarist, composer & producer Stu Marshall (Dungeon, Paindivision) returns with another album (I think it’s their fourth?). Stu, handles guitars and bass on the album and has a drummer in Jason Manewell, to handle the battery. There are nine different guest vocalists, all of them well known or at least talented enough to be included. The many guests tend to fragment the style a bit, with slight deviations from song to song, but a good number of them are of the “wailers” category, without that being a “law”.

The Storyteller - Sacred Fire

The Storyteller is a Swedish power metal band that has been active for a number of years and “Sacred Fire” is their sixth overall full album – they also have an EP. They are a pretty standard classic metal meets power metal band, that’s inherently fairly melodic. They have quite sufficient chops and are not too bad overall, but when it comes to songwriting, they seem to lag a little behind, with most of their songs, being quite average and not terribly memorable.

Empires of Eden - details of upcoming album “Channelling the Infinite”

Empires of Eden is proud to announce the release of “Channelling the Infinite” - the third album from global recording project Empires Of Eden. Japanese release date of June 1 through Rubicon Japan, rest of the world June 6 via Music Buy Mail.
Conceived and orchestrated by Australian shredding maestro Stu Marshall (ex-Dungeon), the album features some of the most influential voices in metal, including:
Udo Dirkschneider (Accept, U.D.O.)