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The Quireboys cancel their Pledge Campaign

The Quireboys have canceled their Pledge Campaign with immediate effect… but there’s a solution...

Says the band:
“We’ve been watching this all play out very closely and have tried to work in any way possible with Pledge to arrive at a positive outcome but in reality we are just not confident that the campaign we entered into with Pledge, will ever be fulfilled or paid and that is something we cant continue to endorse.

The Quireboys live in London 2018

The mix of ages and styles in the audiences proves their skill in being able to both keep the spirit and sound of classic rock & roll and blues, whilst dragging it kicking and screaming in to the 21st century, with their unique Quireboys twist.
The suspense was palpable as we waited for them to enter the stage. Everyone immediately erupted into cheering and wolf whistling when they first caught a glimpse.
Spike looked amazing in his deep red velvet, pirate-esque appearance. With his flowing scarfs twirling around him as he danced about the stage. And he gave them the perfect introduction: “We are The Quireboys, and this, is rock and roll”…

The Quireboys - White Trash Blues

The Blues are primarily a “black” music style, but that doesn’t mean that quite a few “white boys” didn’t play a mean blues guitar, sometimes with such gusto, that it put to shame some of the cornerstone artists of the genre, becoming legendary themselves in the process…
Now “The Quireboys” never set out to be a blues band; they more or less started out and continue to be a kick ass rock n roll one, but they are able to play the blues with such authenticity that I had to think again whether Spike was a Geordie that relocated to London and not some smoked up, whisky swillin ‘ southerner. Damn!

The Quireboys - St. Cecilia and the Gypsy Soul

Quireboys are a bit of a British institution. They’ve been going on for many years, always honest to the bone and dedicated to pure, undulated and unapologetic Rock ‘n Roll. In their latest few albums Spike and his boys, have actually taken a small turn toward, semi acoustic paths, on more than a few occasions, leaving the glamier moments of the past a bit, in favor of a more gypsy rock approach, which seems to work, just as well.