Trouble - The Distortion Field

In a time that all that matters is how good any replica is… while clone bands rule, we thankfully have some major “returning” bands showing how the game should be played, offering “new food” to all the clones/clowns, as they offer them a part of “inspiration”. Yeap, Trouble are back 6 years after “Simple Mind Condition”.

The Defiled - Daggers

All this metalcore, “extreme”, groovy, gay rock/metal trend of our time has started becoming a bit annoying at long last. First is the “big metal labels” that used to promote and support metal music (I won’t write “true” for it would be misunderstood by many) which have made a major opening to this new tendency and second is that the newest generation finds this kind of music interesting. In truth to be told, bands of that genre sell like crazy this time when every big metal band has taken the downside so, if you’re a label you’re thinking of how many copies you must sell so as to make money and not of the well-being of metal music itself.

Gyre signs with Monolithic records

Garden State progressive metal act Gyre has inked a record deal with Monolithic Records, the label arm of intelligence focused, community based webzine The Monolith. The band and label are excited to announce the group's Monolithic debut EP "Second Circle", out July 23, 2013.
"Gyre is proud to announce the release of its second EP through Monolithic Records", said the band in a statement. "We understand that no band is an island. In this understanding Gyre is excited to team up with Tom Quigley, Jesse Zuretti and Monolithic to further our musical endeavor".

Dark Tranquillity - Construct

Those who have been following the band since the beginning know that DT do have a certain music quality in their music and like to progress. Of course, at a certain point, they’ve gotta serve the genre they also helped create and I’m talking about melodic death atmospheric metal music. But let’s not put it at very narrow margins.


Hi Amos… Second release for the band and you really took it one step further… Way to go dude!
A: Thanks man. Although not in any way difficult, quite the opposite in fact, it certainly was one of the most stressful records we’ve ever made. Simply because we felt like we had to live up to the expectations we created with our first record. And well both in public and behind the scenes it’s been a tough couple of years, so we’re really happy to have this bad boy out there working for us now!

The Defiled - New video & tracklist revealed

Today, London-based modern metal mob THE DEFILED reveal the first video from their forthcoming second studio album and Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut “Daggers”, showcasing their most gruesome visual work to date.
The “Unspoken” video clip sees front man Stitch D and keyboardist The AvD held captive by their band mates before descending into a torturous nightmare. The “Unspoken” single will be released on June 30, 2013.