Superhorrorfuck - Death Becomes Us on September 13th 2013

“Death Becomes Us”, the third album by Superhorrorfuck, will be released on September 13th , 2013, under logic(il)logic Records; the previous EP “Gore-Geous Dead”, published in December 2012, disclosed the new musical style of this new album that features some special guests, such as guitar players Vikki Violence and Dixxi from London Based Hellfire Club, singer Frenky and guitar player Caste from Easy Trigger.
1- Dead World I Live In
2- Down At The Graveyard
3- Death Becomes Us

The Burning Crows - Behind the Veil

What is it with bands trying to revive the 80’s hair metal scene? Do they think they will get some just because bands like Poison, LA Guns, Winger, Mötley Crüe, Cinderella and Ratt got laid like crazy? I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you probably won’t. Stop trying to look cool with your frizzy hair, your buttoned down white shirts and your leather trousers, and at least try to write some good and original music.

Sandness - Like an Addiction

“Like an Addiction” is the first album by italian hard rock/sleaze metal band Sandness. 1 or 2 minutes after I pushed play I had to check the date the album was released. Let’s just say that if it had come out in 1985 it may have been a good record.

Blue Tears

Hi Gregg. After 15 years you finally managed to release the follow up to your fantastic debut. It’s better late ever huh? Why did you take the decision to release those demo and unreleased tracks after all those years? Do you believe that now is the best time to do it?
G: To tell you the truth, I’ve wanted to release them for quite a while… when Suncity contacted me it sort of pushed me into action.