gay rock

Three Days Grace - Transit of Venus

Well, it’s a common thing to see commercial successful pop-rock, post-grunge, alternative bands to alternate their sound a bit in a desperate try to experiment. Why’s that? Probably cuz’ they got tired of playing the same three chord riffs with plain melodies and sell thousand copies?! Hmm, they are artists (at least some of them) so they have an excuse on that… don’t they?

Muse - The 2nd Law

Here, we have another example of how a band can be popular and sell millions without doing anything genuine and innovative generally. The UK band Muse… is, of course, a successful band by the numbers but that doesn’t mean anything at all when it comes to music. What have they offered at large? Hmm… tough to top that huh?

Sturm Und Drang - Graduation Day

Sturm Und Drang is a young Finnish band, formed in 2004. They have released three albums since then, including the newest work entitled “Graduation Day”. They have gained much popularity in their country and generally, in Scandinavia and Europe. They are selling more than satisfactorily, they have a major label behind them and they think they play hard rock/heavy metal music.

Blessed By A Broken Heart - Feel The Power

The guys formed Blessed By A Broken Heart in 2003, in Canada and they have released three albums including “Feel The Power”. I happened to see the video for “Forever” before I heard this album… and I thought that BBAH was one pop rock/metal (with some metalcore influences) band with a punk(hardcore)-like appearance. Although the song is trying hard to be a “hit”… it becomes kinda gay and cheesy in the end.