gay rock

Theory of a Deadman - Savages

It’s to wonder how some legendary musicians of rock music sometimes participate in trendy albums and bands just because they are very popular at the given moment. Or is it because the major labels “seduce them with money” to do so? This time it is Alice Cooper who is participating on the self-titled track from the fifth studio album of Theory Of A Deadman. Do you honestly wonder about the result of that collaboration?! I rest my case! Why Mr. Alice? Were you so overwhelmed by this “tremendous” song? “shame on all of us (you)”… as the track proclaims…

The Defiled announces European & UK tour dates 2014

Having already hit the UK, Australia and the US this year, London metallers The Defiled will embark on their first full European tour of 2014 in November. Appearing as special guests to Avatar, the tour takes in eleven countries across 19 shows, including the band’s first show in the Czech Republic. 
“We just love to play”, states The AvD. “It will have been nearly a year since we hit the mainland with Wednesday 13, so it’s high time we came back and showed our continental cousins what’s up”!

Korn - The Paradigm Shift

-“Shit man, I told you back then not to release “The Path of Shitality”. You never listen dude!”
-“Get off my back! I told you I wanted to experiment! I needed to explore nu music paths!”
-“Hahaha! Now we’re making fun of each other?! Are you even listening to yourself?! When exactly did you experiment? When you recorded that shit from your W.C.?!”
-“Yeah, so what? What’s your point here dude?!”
-“What’s my point? Roadrunner sent us the fuck away! Now what are we gonna do?! Our sales have reduced terribly dude!”
-“Hey fella, I’m a musician and I wanted to do things my way. To give my creativity a chance!”

The Defiled - Daggers

All this metalcore, “extreme”, groovy, gay rock/metal trend of our time has started becoming a bit annoying at long last. First is the “big metal labels” that used to promote and support metal music (I won’t write “true” for it would be misunderstood by many) which have made a major opening to this new tendency and second is that the newest generation finds this kind of music interesting. In truth to be told, bands of that genre sell like crazy this time when every big metal band has taken the downside so, if you’re a label you’re thinking of how many copies you must sell so as to make money and not of the well-being of metal music itself.

Lacrimas Profundere - Antiadore

It was inevitable to happen. Sooner or later… or more precisely with every new album they were getting closer… to what they finally became! Why? What the hell happened to this band over the years? Was the HIM influence so significant to their musical evolution? Really?! How did a band that had some very good potential manage to be another gay gothic rock act that’s trying to pander to HIM’s fame & fortune?!!

HIM - Tears on Tape

Who would have thought that when HIM began their career in the late 90s they would create a whole new gay love metal gothic union! I’m sure they also couldn’t foresee that thing. But yeap, due to HIM we have those big gayVamp “epic” films like “Twilight” and the “glorious” TV series “The Vampire Diaries”! Especially in our time it is a “must” to be a gay vampire or werewolf just for the sake of it. Teen girls absolutely love ‘em and loveless teen boys are envy of their “gay idols” that have so great an impact on the girls’ community.

Suede - Bloodsports

Definitely, seeing Suede back after a long break is good news for the fans of the band. The truth is that the fans had been longing for a new album since the band’s return almost 3 years ago. “Bloodspots” is the band’s new studio work with totally new material in 10 years, since the disappointing “A New Morning”.

ØL - Corello Motello

I would bet that this band was a newcomer attracted by groups like: Coldplay, Keane, Hoobastank, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, Muse and so forth which decided to make the big step. But no, that ain’t the case here, cuz’ ØL has been in the music scene since 1996 and they have released several albums, EPs etcetera. I do not know how they used to sound a decade or so ago, but I do know that this alternative, popish, gay rock with lots of pleasing easy-listening parts, always made me horrified over music. After this I would probably need to listen to Cannibal Corpse in order to get well!

Black Veil Brides - Wretched and Divine - The Story of the Wild Ones

It’s with joy that I’m watching the gay rock movement going on strong & becoming our time’s hottest music genre. Bands with no identity, no talent, no image, no skills, no imagination or originality have taken over the teenagers around the world. It kinda brought the Eurovision-lover band Sturm Und Drang on my mind!

Hinder - Welcome to the Freakshow

Having enjoyed a fame that’s way greater than they thought they would have, this rock band from Oklahoma is back with its fourth full-length release. Nothing has really changed since the previous work “All American Nightmare”, so they continue to deliver their post-grunge, glam rock, pop-rock & modern rock music mix. Sorry no hard rock here at all (they never had and probably never will) for any friends that may wonder.