Rick BooM Steel - New Book for Drummers - Are you in the 200 Club?

After taking the drumming world by storm,with his book "The Footiments", Rick 'BooM' Steel has once again amazed the drumming community. With his latest video, "Bumble Blast: 16th note Double Pedal Double Strokes at 200 beats per minute", BooM shows why he's known as the "Double Pedal Demon". He challenges Drummers everywhere, "Are YOU in the 200 Club?"

Helgardh announce North American Tour 2013

Killshot Management is proud to introduce the dominant force that will conquer North America. West Virginia black metallers Helgardh will perish their surroundings and entice the crowd to perverse in this outstanding extreme metal package. In October of 2013, bystanders should be sure to hide as this undying package journeys throughout the American lands.

Nile - European Tour 2013 Part II

The reigning kings of technical, historically-themed brutality, NILE would like to announce Part II of the “At the Gate of Sethu” Europe Tour 2013.
Karl and the guys are looking forward to play some new cities with their friends in Metal Ex Deo (Canada) and Svart Crown (France).
This will be great metal shows for all NILE fans and death/blackmetal fans everywhere. 

Nile - European tour with Kreator & Morbid Angel

US-based death metal legends NILE offer a morbid foretaste of their upcoming pitch-black studio record “At The Gate Of Sethu” (out on June 29) in the form of the song "The Fiends Who Come To Steal The Magick Of the Diceased".
Download this manifesto of brutality for free and check out the wicked NILE songpier smartphone app plus other great gimmicks here.

ReinXeed - Welcome to the Theatre

What started out as a personal project by the young and unknown songwriter/vocalist/producer/ multi-instrumentalist Tommy Johansson then… turned out to be a consistent euro power metal band that has released 5 albums since 2008 when the debut was out! That’s pretty impressive don’t you think? Especially, if we keep in mind that Tommy has played in three other bands (PelleK, Golden Resurrection, Charlie Shred) except for ReinXeed and he has recorded and produced quite a few albums during the last five years… three of them will be out later in May. Undoubtedly, this young Swedish is a very talented guy by any means.