Lili Refrain to release new studio album “ULU” on March 20th 2020

March 20th will see experimental solo artist Lili Refrain release her highly anticipated new album “ULU” on Subsound Records.

Being an unforgettable act beyond the boundaries of any genre, a promising first glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming output can now be heard and seen in form of “MUL” below.

Dive deep into the world of Lili Refrain and get carried away by unique soundscapes full of atmosphere!

Sepvlcrvm to release “Vox in Rama” on May 9th 2016

Esoteric Ritual duo Sepvlcrvm release cover artwork and album teaser of their forthcoming new work “Vox in Rama”.

Watch the album trailer below.

Sepvlcrvm “Vox in Rama” is a mystical ascent based on deep interpretations of primordial knowledge and Ancient scriptures. Working as a sonic incantation to a back-drop of bold religious imagery and iconography, this duo summons a haunting soundtrack of pure uncontaminated improvisation, whispering evocations, occult drones and hypnotic guitars.

“Vox in Rama” will be released on May 9th, 2016 by Argonauta Records and it will be available in a first limited edition CD A5 packaging.

Sepvlcrvm signs with Argonauta Records

Esoteric Ritual Drone duo Sepvlcrvm are now part of the Argonauta Records family!

Hailing from Genova (Italy), Sepvlcrvm is a mysterious journey of mystical ascent, based on a deep inner interpretation of primordial knowledge and ancient sacred scriptures. Working as a sonic incantation to a back-drop of bold religious imagery and iconography, this duo summons a haunting soundtrack of pure uncontaminated improvisation.

After their album “Hermeticvm” released in 2010, Sepvlcrvm are now working on the final process of their new opus, scheduled by early 2016, a spiritual work made of hypnotic guitars, occult drones and whispered evocations.


Vulture Industries

Hi Bjørnar & welcome on Grande Rock. In a way, I think that “The Tower” is your most complete work to date.
B: Thank you! I agree. I am proud of our other albums, but this I feel is closer to a profound expression of ourselves.
Is it something of a tradition or you just happen to release new albums every 3 years?
B: Three is the number of sides in the Bermuda triangle. By chance is also seems to be the amount of time we need to gather enough new impulses and inspiration to make a new album and record it.

Vulture Industries - The Tower

After a 3-year hiatus, the “odd” Norwegian quintet is back with their third, more critical & completed work to date. By eliminating their “extreme” elements to minimum and giving more space to their theatrical, avant-garde, atmospheric, dark, esoteric, progressive, symphonic, gothic, grotesque & carnival side, they came up with “The Tower” which has a very distinct yet melodic & intriguing sound.

Lacrimosa - Revolution

We all have some preferences to certain music styles & to a few bands that represent them. I can say that Lacrimosa is one of those bands that I revel in throughout the years. Their wonderful blending of dark, gothic, rock, metal, symphonic, neoclassical, dark wave, atmospheric music is something that does not leave you with any other alternative but to adore it.

Aphrodite’s Child - 666

I know I should have presented this album long ago… as I had promised so. It’s been quite a long time since I presented “It’s Five O’Clock” and both this one and the debut album can be found on the old Grande Rock site.


Hi Ehsan… You really did it dude! I find “Skylight” an amazing piece of work!! We’ve named it the Best Album of April on Grande Rock…
E: Thanks man. Glad you enjoy it. (i.n.: not only me but everyone that has listened to it...)
First things first. I’d like to ask you what on earth (or out of earth) inspired you so much to write this exceptional music?

Aphrodite’s Child - It’s Five O’Clock

Having reviewed Aphrodite’s Child debut some time ago, I promised I would be back soon to deal with their other two albums.
I said some time ago (when I wrote the review of Aphrodite’s Child’s debut) that I would be back, reviewing also their other two albums. So, it seems that the time to present the second album of the band has come at last. Leaving behind all the historical references about the band and how it was formed (you can read those things in the “The End of the World” review), I will only focus on the music part of this album.

Aphrodite’s Child - End of the World

The story begins sometime before 1968 when three friends Vangelis Papathanasiou, Demis Roussos and Lucas Sideras, decided to leave Hellas because the opportunities a band had to make a breakthrough back then were few. They chose to try their luck in England. Their other buddy Argyris Koulouris couldn’t leave the country ’cause he had to fulfill his army duty. Vangelis was the most experienced guy of all three; he had participated in several albums and his first work was with the band The Forminx for the movie “My Brother, The Traffic Policeman”, back in 1963. After that, he also released an album with The Forminx in the period 65 – 66.