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Grave Digger release lyric video for new single “The Power of Metal”

German heavy metal legends Grave Digger released the official video for “The Power of Metal” off their new album “The Living Dead”!

Chris Boltendahl on the new single:
“It’s a song about metal, about a life in the underground, about a life which is different. To be a metalhead is the greatest gift on earth – from the day you heard the first notes of a Judas Priest or Iron Maiden song, you're addicted to this kind of music! The love and passion for metal makes you to a special person and the power of metal can heal. It makes you stronger and gives you a better life”.

Grave Digger release music video for new single “Zombie Dance”

It might be the most surprising song Grave Digger has ever released.

After nearly four decades of true German heavy metal, the time has come to reach out to different musical influences.

After listening to “Zombie Dance” we know for sure that Polka and Metal fit perfect together. This collaboration with their labelmates Russkaja will make you dance, especially when it’s played live on their upcoming “Tour Of The Living Dead”. Be aware!

Chris Boltendahl on “Zombie Dance”:

Grave Digger to release new studio album “The Living Dead” on September 14th 2018

German heavy metal legends Grave Digger recently announced the title and release date of their new studio album.

Now the band reveals the cover artwork and track list of their upcoming record entitled “The Living Dead”, which will be released on September 14th, 2018, via Napalm Records.

Watch Chris Boltendahl’s video statement on “The Living Dead”, below.

Pre-order the album here.

1. Fear of the Living Dead
2. Blade of the Immortal
3. When Death Passes By
4. Shadow of the Warrior

Grave Digger unveil title and release date of upcoming album and announces Winter 2019 European Tour

German heavy metal legend Grave Digger just unveiled the title of their upcoming studio album: It is entitled “The Living Dead” and will be released on September 14th, 2018, via Napalm Records.

Since their founding back in 1980, Grave Digger have been leaders in the German heavy metal scene. They created their very own version of Teutonic heavy music – albums like “Heavy Metal Breakdown”, “Witch Hunter” or “Tunes of War” became classics in the scene. Now the band will return with another face smashing album followed by a big run of shows throughout Europe!

Grave Digger to release new studio album “Healed By Metal” on January 13th 2017

Classic cuts like “Headbanging Man” or “Heavy Metal Breakdown” quickly established Grave Digger as one of Germany's pioneering metal acts in the early 80s – fast forward 36 years since the band's formation, their attitude hasn't changed!

Still going strong and belonging to the top of Heavy Metal, Grave Digger are back with a brand new album, which shows them stronger, heavier and more metal than ever!

Now the band around the reaper unveiled first and hotly anticipated details of their 19th studio album, titled “Healed By Metal”, and which will be coming out on January 13th, 2017 on Napalm Records!