Les Friction

Hi Evan, so glad to have you on Grande Rock for once more. First of all, congrats on the new Les Friction album “Dark Matter”… it’s very atmospheric, inspired, and intense on the whole.
E: Thank you, Thanos! The emotions are always from a very real and vulnerable place. That provides the power to fuel the story and layout of any given song and into the framework of the record. The themes that are written into our DNA are the subject… fear of loss and death, as well as power and triumph are the building blocks of the story.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim - new album "Crown And Treatry"

The band is now excited to announce their brand new album entitled "Crown And Treaty". It's the follow-up to the Mercury Music Prize nominated album "Twice Born Men", released in 2009.
"Crown And Treaty" is quite simply stunning. Ambitious, literate, dramatic, heartfelt, beautiful, artistic and capable of moving you to tears, it is the sound of a band taking a quantum leap forward, throwing every ounce of their belief, passion and dreams into the creation of a truly special body of work.

Les Friction

Hi guys… “Les Friction” was a nice surprise to me… so Grande Rock tagged it as the Best Album of January…
N: Many thanks for that! We’re proud and honored. (i.n.: Ιt’s a pleasure listening to such great music…)
First of all, give us some bio info that is not included in your official site.

Les Friction - Les Friction

Les Friction took shape, when the music group E.S. Posthumus, which had given various music themes to movies & TV series such as: Minority Report, The Matrix Reloaded , The Time Machine, Avatar, Lost and Heroes among others, officially split up after the death of Franz Vonlichten, who had formed this project along with his brother Helmut. After a while, Helmut joined forces with Nihl Finch and the singer `Paint to complete the debut homonymous album.