Avatarium - The Girl with the Raven Mask

Avatarium’s debut that came out a couple of years ago managed to paradoxically intoxicate us with its Candlemass-like riffs being antagonized by Jennie-Ann Smith’s Grace Slick meets Stevie Nicks vocals in a concoction both bizarre but strangely too beautiful and alluring to not consume. An EP allowed the band to buy some time, before Leif announced a break from touring activities due to an undisclosed illness but that didn’t stop the band from composing a new album, which they present to us now, a year later.

Sepvlcrvm signs with Argonauta Records

Esoteric Ritual Drone duo Sepvlcrvm are now part of the Argonauta Records family!

Hailing from Genova (Italy), Sepvlcrvm is a mysterious journey of mystical ascent, based on a deep inner interpretation of primordial knowledge and ancient sacred scriptures. Working as a sonic incantation to a back-drop of bold religious imagery and iconography, this duo summons a haunting soundtrack of pure uncontaminated improvisation.

After their album “Hermeticvm” released in 2010, Sepvlcrvm are now working on the final process of their new opus, scheduled by early 2016, a spiritual work made of hypnotic guitars, occult drones and whispered evocations.


Noctum to release “Until Then… Until the End” 7" on August 7th 2015

The Swedish heavy/doom metal outfit Noctum has recorded two brand new songs for a 7" release! The 7" features the title track “Until Then… Until the End” on Side A and “In Precious Time” on Side B and is set for release the 7th of August, 2015 in a limited run of 500 copies (300 x black/200 x white)!

Comments Noctum:"Until then… Until the End" is a brand new single and the first recording with our new guitar player, Christoffer Löfgren. This release will be a small, but important, step towards the next album which we’re writing at this very moment”.

Slough Feg announces new drummer Addison Filipczyk

Slough Feg is proud to announce the arrival of new drummer, Addison Filipczyk. Filipczyk, 25, will have big shoes to fill following in the wake of Harry Cantwell’s departure, but after several months of rehearsal the group is confident that they are in capable hands and feet.

Bassist Adrian Maestas comments: “After trying out drummers for a few months we think we’ve found the right guy. Welcome aboard, Addison!”...

Singer/Guitarist Mike Scalzi gave only a short list of the new Drummer’s vital statistics:
• Loyal Slough Feg fan since 2007
• Sharp wit / keen philosophical / linguistic intellect

Below announces European tour 2015

Swedish doom newcomers, Below, are embarking on their “Across the Dark Rivers of Europe” tour in February of 2015! Joining them will be special guests Taiwaz, courtesy of Electric Assault Records. The tour will begin on February 4th in Copenhagen.

Below comments: “We can’t wait to be back on the roads of Europe to bring the heaviest of doom for you guys. To maximize the darkness over Europe in February we have invited Taiwaz to join us for this adventure”!

Avatarium - All I Want (EP)

Avatarium is the band that Lief Edling, the bassist and mastermind of Candlemass did conjure up, after, deciding to put the latter into a studio hiatus, for the foreseeable future. They are an artsy and doomy hard rocking 70s inspired band with female vocals and occult lyrics, something that could be considered as a bit “trendy” these days, but the way in which these guys approach the subject and the results they come up with, totally blow away, every pretender band.

Spectral Haze to release “I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains” on November 28th 2014

Soulseller Records will release “I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains”, the debut album from Spectral Haze on November 28th 2014.

Spectral Haze was first conjured from the Void three years ago, through four sonick sorcerers residing in Oslo, Norway; Cëlestial Cöbra (Battery), Döömdogg (Bass guitar), Spacewülff (Vocals, guitars) and Sönik Slöth (Guitars). Through these last few years, Spectral Haze has undulated and grown into channeling through a fifth vessel, namely Electric Starling (Theremin, VOID).