Negative Self - Negative Self

Negative Self are an offshoot of a former member of Swedish crossoverists Dr.Living Dead, Andreas Sandberg (who’s also drawn some covers in his time for the likes of Blaze and Enforcer), who left them to concentrate on his studies, realizing that music doesn’t pay as a profession, unless you do it fulltime and on a high level.

Born From Pain to release “Dance With the Devil” on November 28th 2014

Born From Pain was founded in the early summer of 1997, as one of the early European bands to play a crossover/metalcore brand of heavy music. Born From Pain grew up in a musical environment of mid-80s Bay Area and German thrash metal and NY hardcore, 90s Florida and Birmingham death metal, NYC crossover and US/European metalcore. Bands like Merauder, Stigmata, Earth Crisis, All Out War, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Integrity, Testament, Slayer, early Agnostic Front and Crumbsuckers were of infinite influence on members as the fuse was lit that summer... and for many years to come!

Kontrust to release “Explositive” on November 7th 2014

Vienna’s blood is cooking and brewing: Here comes the hottest crossover band of today! Kontrust are back with a brand new album and have just revealed the title, artwork, track listing & release dates!

Explositive” will bring the muscles to twitch and the nerve pathways to explode! With rapid rhythms, catchy slogans, brutal guitars and angular riffs Kontrust are back with their fourth album!

“Explositive” is set to explode on November 7th, 2014 in Europe, November 10th in the UK & November 11st US/CAN!

1. Dance
2. Why
3. Just Propaganda
4. I Freak On
5. Shut Up

Wehrmacht & Cryptic Slaughter Unite for exclusive Obscene Extreme Set

When it comes to early day crossover and the seminal bands that paved their way through the 80's mixing the precision and intensity of thrash with the energy and anger of old school hardcore, the list of those that could be mentioned as essentials would be quite extensive. But, if you just think about the fastest, craziest and most influential in terms of blasting speed, then the choice is simple: Wehrmacht and Cryptic Slaughter!

Def-Con-One - II

Definitely, I haven’t missed them and I wasn’t wondering where they are. Not having enjoyed their debut “Waface” in the least, I kinda hoped that this was a one-album-thing, but to my surprise it wasn’t!

Generation Kill signs with Nuclear Blast

Today it is with great pleasure for Nuclear Blast to announce the signing of New York City based Thrashers GENERATION KILL!
The band gathers vocalist Rob Dukes of EXODUS and former PRO-PAIN / M.O.D. member Rob Moschetti on bass guitar and backing vocals alongside Jason Trenzcer of MUTILATION and Jason Velezon on lead guitars and James DeMaria of MERAUDER on drums. 

Gwar - Tour Dates 2013

Masters of medieval metal, the mighty GWAR, are poised to return to the world of man as today they announced the first leg of their massive “Madness at the Core of Time” world tour, in support of their new album, "Battle Maximus", which is out September 17th on Metal Blade Records. The tour, which features a completely brand-new show full of slavering creatures and deserving victims, is set to kick off October 2nd in Columbus, Ohio and runs through November 17th in Washington, DC. Tickets go on sale this Friday, August 2nd.

Beyond Description - An Elegy For Depletion on June 26th 2013

“An Elegy For Depletion”, the new album from thrashcore/crossover japanese metal veterans Beyond Description, will be released on June 26,2013 via Punishment 18 Records.
Here's the artwork and the definitive tracklist of the album.
01. Absurd      
02. Fossilize      
03. Potential