Edu Falaschi to release solo debut album “Moonlight” on May 20th 2016

Canadian label Test Your Metal Records is proud to announce it will be releasing internationally known Brazilian singer and composer Edu Falaschi's (Almah, ex-Angra) solo debut album “Moonlight” on May 20th, 2016 for North America. The first solo album by the ex-Angra front man currently of Almah, Edu Falaschi, is a celebration of his 25 year career with sixteen records released worldwide, a Brazilian golden disc award, more than one million CDs sold plus countless world tours and recognition from fans around the globe, especially in Japan, Europe and South America.

Trans-Siberean Orchestra - Letters from the Labyrinth

I always “hated” TSO because that was marked, more or less, the “end” of Savatage, which then were put in “hiatus” since the various members attempted either solo album releases that in some cases went well enough and in others were almost complete catastrophes and brought about also a trio of “offshoot” bands that again had varying degrees of success. Savatage did a “reunion” that according to an interview cost them an awful lot to do, while according to others must have brought them a small fortune, as the whole business-model of this “carol” playing show has…

Rocket Scientists - Supernatural Highways EP out now

After a 6-year hiatus, veteran prog rockers Erik Norlander (keyboards), Mark McCrite (guitars) and Don Schiff (NS/Sticks, cello) return with a powerful re-entry into the atmosphere with “Supernatural Highways”, a 30-minute all-instrumental deluxe EP that demonstrates the ongoing agility and perpetual motion of this accomplished group of musicians. 

Galahad - Beyond the Realms of Euphoria

When I first heard that Galahad are about to release two albums in a 5 month period and of course in the same year, I was a bit skeptical of how they could keep it up at the same music level with each one of the works. After I had listened to “Battle Scars”, which is an exceptional album… I was more wary of how they could beat it… or at least reach it.

Jon Lord - R.I.P.

Unfortunately, Jonathan Douglas Lord a.k.a Jon Lord, the composer, pianist and Hammond organ player of Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Paice, Ashton & Lord, The Artwoods and Flower Pot Men has passed away after losing the fight with cancer.
Jon was a great musician & composer that has inluenced, with his unique style, loads of bands & musicians throughout his career...
The GR team is expressing their deppest condolences to Jon's family and his fellow musicians... R.I.P. Jon... Your music will never die...

LT Rhapsody - video out now

RHAPSODY are proud to present the new visual creation of the talented director OWE LINGVALL of DREAMDAY MEDIA.
It is the video realized for the song "DARK FATE OF ATLANTIS", the first single extracted from the new album "ASCENDING TO INFINITY", to be released on JUNE 22 by NUCLEAR BLAST.
The song was edited and made shorter for the video while on the album it will appear in its original version of 6:29 minutes.
The members of Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY state:

Sarah Jezebel Deva - EP & UK tour

Sarah Jezebel Deva and band will soon release a digital EP called "Malediction" features special appearances by Dani Filth from CRADLE OF FILTH and SOILWORK frontman Björn Strid singing a duet with Sarah on "Lies Define Us".
"Working with Sarah Jezebel Deva was a trip. We definitely found common ground humor wise and musically. The song we did together is still ringing in my head. The atmosphere is fantastic and the melody is haunting. Drop the gothic top hats and get ready for the real deal"! commented Björn

Sigh - In Somniphobia

Sigh have been around for over 20 years. Although they’re coming from Japan, they managed to overcome all those difficulties that a non-European or US band was facing at the time and become a respectful name in the metal scene. The band’s black metal days have long gone but that does not mean that they lost those extreme metal elements they had since the beginning in any case. It is true that every new album from this band is a surprise… not matter if you dig it or not. I still remember when I listened to “Imaginary Sonicscape” back in 2001… how impressed I was by the band’s creativity and skills. Perhaps, this is the band’s best work up to now.

Pitch Black Records - new bands on our roster

Pitch Black Records is pleased to announce the addition of three outstanding Greek metal acts into our roster and the release of their albums in May. Each band is unique in its own way and style and their albums will be impossible to go unnoticed.
LITROSIS “I am Death” (symphonic black metal)
Their debut album will be the second release in the "Blackest Pitch Series", a series which always features an eclectic selection of black metal with the first pressing being a unique and collectible packaging limited to 333 numbered copies. Out in May the 1st 2012.