Boogie Rock

D-A-D - A Prayer for the Loud

Danish Rockers D-A-D have been around for quite a while, more than three decades actually and they never really quit although they did go through a period when their punkish energy helped them endure more than their rock credentials (during the 90s).

The Treatment - Power Crazy

 The Treatment are a British hard rock band that was championed by the FP magazines, who went as far as putting them out on their own interest record label Power Age in an unheard act of Machiavellism and nepotism. They can’t have done too well, since that company is now defunct, despite the heaps of praise their debut received from the said media and their affiliates. Well fast forward a whole decade and three (not counting this one) albums later, the band is much improved after touring ceaselessly and on Frontiers.

Revival Black release music video for new single “Hold Me Down”

It’s time for a revival and what better rock colour than black? A new singer, new attitude, new management and a new name, Liverpool’s Black Cat Bones, have re-vamped and morphed into Revival Black.

And they have recorded a debut album that will light up the industry - due to be released Autumn 2019. The first single of which “Hold Me Down” is out now across all digital download and streaming platforms - check it out here.

Bad Touch announced as special guests on The Quireboys & FM Spring 2019 UK Tour

Norwich five-piece Bad Touch are happy to announce that they will be special guests on The Quireboys and FM co-headline nationwide UK tour in April 2019. Planet Rock will launch a 48-hour ticket pre-sale at 9am on Wednesday 12th December via and

Bad Touch

Where did the album’s title “Shake a Leg” come from?
S: This is first time the true story has been told, my Mum came up with it! We were just playing around with words and had loads of different ideas.
A: Feel good, rock ‘n’ rock, shake a leg, get up and go!
Was there any new techniques or themes you included in this album?

Bad Touch - Shake a Leg

Only two years after their successful “Truth Be Told” and numerous live shows, Bad Touch are back with a new studio album titled “Shake a Leg”. Even though the band was formed in 2010, they have gained much fame with their live shows and the hit singles that they have released all these years.

Dobbeltgjenger - Limbohead

Dobbeltgjenger, the Norweigian band with the really hard to pronounce name, are back with their sophomore release “Limbohead”. The band was formed about 3 years ago, in 2015 and consists of Sondre Veland (Major Parkinson, Ossicles) on drums, Jakob Sønnesyn (Depresno, 9 Grader Nord) on bass, Vegard Wikne (Ocean Of Lotion) on guitars and vocals, and Knut Martin Rasmussen Langeland on guitar.