blackened heavy metal

Venom Inc announces Fall 2017 North American Tour

Venom Inc just finished up a huge performance at this past weekend's Blackest Of The Black festival in Silverado, CA.

Now, you have more chances to witness the band's live onslaught! Venom Inc have announced their upcoming Blood Stained Earth Tour, featuring support from extreme metal giants Goatwhore and Toxic Holocaust, as well as fast-rising death metal group The Convalescence.

The tour will kick off in Philadelphia, PA on September 1st and visit several major cities in both the U.S. and Canada, coming to a close in Baltimore, MD on October 2nd.

The Evil Dead - Earth Inferno

The Evid Dead, apart from a fan series of movies featuring the godly Bruce Campbell, is an Argentinian quintet that seems to perform something that I could not describe any differently that classic metal, but with vocals that sound a bit like Dissection only a little dodgier.
While the antithesis is supposed to create intrigue and draw the listener to this, the two distinct styles mix as good as water and oil (ie not at all) ending up in a rather decent album musically, if only a little too straightforward, being mangled by the lack of a convincing vocalist. If I were them I’d be holding auditions for a clean singer now.

Venom Inc signs with Nuclear Blast Records

In mid-2015, former Venom member Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan, together with original members Jeff “Mantas” Dunn and Tony “Abaddon” Bray, formed a second incarnation of Britain's seminal black metal band. After coming together under the flag Venom Inc, history began to write itself once again.

Now, after proving their lasting prowess on the road and at festivals internationally throughout the past year, the band is pleased to announce their signing with premier international heavy metal label Nuclear Blast Records. The band is scheduled to release a new album this year - more details coming soon!

Black Anvil to release new studio album “As Was” on January 13th 2017

New York City’s Black Anvil return with “As Was”, the staggering 50-minute follow-up to 2014’s “Hail Death”. Atmospheric and melodic without relenting on any of the ferocity Black Anvil have always been known for, “As Was” seamlessly weaves through eight monumental passages of extreme metal art.

More diverse, complex, and thought-provoking than anything they’ve done before, “As Was” is a stellar representation of modern black metal, and of Black Anvil’s continuous progression and songcraft.

Darkthrone to release new album “Arctic Thunder” on October 14th 2016

Norwegian duo, Darkthrone, has announced its new album, “Arctic Thunder”, to be released on October 14th, 2016 via Peaceville.

“Arctic Thunder” marks the band's first new studio material since 2013's triumphant “The Underground Resistance”, its most successful release in recent years.

Venom Inc announces October 2016 European Tour

Venom Inc are hitting the road for a European Tour in October with support from Death Metal  legends Vital Remains and Italian underground cult Black Metallers Mortuary Drape.

Mortuary Drape are 30 years old this year and celebrating their anniversary with an absolute classic set. They will be joined by Brazilian Old Skool Death Metal band Nervochaos and Australia's finest thrash bastards Desecrator. Tour dates are as follows.

European Tour Dates 2016:
13-Oct   Prague (CZE) "Storm Club"
14-Oct   Erfurt (GER) "Club From Hell"
15-Oct   Lodz (POL) "LDK"

Vow Of Thorns to release debut full-length album “Farewell to the Sun” on July 15th 2016

For the past 6 years, Ontario-dwelling black metal doom fusionists Vow Of Thorns have been conceptualizing albums and pushing the boundary between aggressive and emotional. What once served as an anagram for Kevin Hawthorne’s solo work is now a joint effort with Dustin Richards, where the duo has quickly become one of the most intimidating musical ventures to date.

The duo have been constructing songs unanimously and without interruption in a seamless writing process to craft work fueled by their musical and environmental influences. Their new album “Farewell to the Sun” is set for release on July 15th, 2016 to follow the 2013 debut EP “Forest Dweller”.

Doomsday Ceremony to release “Black Heart” worldwide on April 22nd 2016

Greyhaze Records has announced the April 22nd, 2016 worldwide release of “Black Heart” from Brazil's Doomsday Ceremony.

Three official videos for tracks from the album are now available for mass consumption below.

Doomsday Ceremony are a Brazilian band started in the year 2000. The group has harnessed the feeling of 80s traditional Heavy Metal with the brutality of Black Metal, resulting in a unique and refreshing sound. “Black Heart” is the second full-length album from the band. With a very melodic musical approach and smoking guitar solos, the album will please fans of Immortal and Mercyful Fate.

The 3rd Attempt - Born in Thorns

Last year Tchort and BloodPervertor left Carpathian Forest to set up a new band called The 3rd Attempt. Following a series of online auditions, the duo chose Odemark (ex-Midnattsvrede) as their vocalist and was joined by Tybalt (Fortid, Den Saakaldte) on drums. A year later their debut drops, and it’s inspired by the black metalish, rock ‘n roll of Darkthrone’s latter era as much as it is from old-school black metal and some thrash.

HexenHammer officially reunite

Early this year Heaven and Hell Records located members of the kvlt U.S speed metal band HexenHammer, who had been missing from the metal scene for over two decades. The label would also re-master and re-release the band’s 1990 demo “Underground” back in May.
“One of extreme metal's most obscenely overlooked and under-appreciated bands” - David Perri (BW&BK)