70s rock

Aerosmith - Music From Another Dimension

Aerosmith are caught between a rock and a hard place. They’ve been there, done that. Twice or maybe even three times, in their long and storied career, soooooo the question that begs an answer is where the funk does one go from there ?  Well back to square number one! Back to the start!
The band, went back to their old producer Jack Douglas and kicked out all the outside writers in an effort to re-establish themselves as a valid songwritting partnership and as a proper band in order to rejuvenate themselves and recapture their mojo... did it work?! I’d dare say - Yay!

The Angels - Taking It to the Streets

The Angels, have been an Aussie Rock n’ Roll band, with some odd, 20 releases or so, half of which or so must be studio works, that started off in the mid-70s and were sort of helped out a bit by some people in the AC/DC camp to hook up with their company Alberts. They played a pretty standard and straightforward no frills rock and met instant success with their “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?” tune, which would instantly incite the crowd to respond “No way, get fucked, fuck off” Whilst outside Australia this may have been seen as a negative response, from an Australian audience and in the context of the Australian sense of humour this was recognized as high praise.

Blood of the Sun - Burning on the Wings of Desire on 27th November 2012

70's inspired hard rockers, BLOOD OF THE SUN, featuring ST. VITUS drummer Henry Vasquez, will release "Burning on the Wings of Desire" in North America on November 27th on Listenable Records.
To help with the album, the band hooked up with Mos Generator's Tony Reed, who produced, recorded, co-wrote and handled some guitar and bass duties.
Blood of the Sun was formed in 2002 by Henry Vasquez (Saint Vitus, Archie Bunker) on drums and Dave Gryder (Storm at Sunrise) on keyboards.

Paul “Q” Cusick - P’dice

Paul “Q” Cusick, started his musical career only a few years ago, by releasing his debut album upon the world and now, no more than 3 years later, we find him unleashing a second offering upon us. Q, is a multi-instrumentalist, who’s main thing has always been the guitar anyway, but never did cut his own drums so to this purpose here he enlists the help of two really great drummers Marco Minneman and Gavin Harrison which is a little surprising, as the percussive, needs are not really THAT extraordinaire, but still... who am I to tell him how to spend his own money... also there seem to be a lot of fans who seem to have lent a hand in the production of this record in various aspects, as detailed in the albums booklet.