Free Fall - Power & Volume

Which are the two elementary music trends of our time? Well, on the one hand the reincarnation of 70s classic rock (NWOSCR) music and on the other the NWOTM (New Wave of Thrash Metal). Sweden bands are the major representatives on both trends. Free Fall belongs to the New Wave of (the) Seventies Classic Rock (NWOSCR) trend. As for the “freedom rock” music the band claims they play, it’s just bullshit… you can claim anything when you can’t be at least a bit original in what you do.

Witchcraft & Orchid - European Tour 2013

Attention, heavy rockers, doomheads, retro aficionados, hippies or simply lovers of timeless rock music: rejoice! Two absolute giants of 70s riff worshipping sound will embark on a tour together in April and May of 2013 – WITCHCRAFT and ORCHID!
Swedes WITCHCRAFT were one of the first bands who started to recreate the sound of old heroes like PENTAGRAM around 2000 and who only had one goal in mind: to revive the 70s sound with landmark releases such as “Firewood”. They returned with “Legend” in 2012 and proved their status as leaders of a whole subgenre once more!

Scorpion Child - Self titled debut in May 2013

Attributes in music are known to be cyclical. Every few years, a band comes along who borrows just enough from the revered past to bring a new infusion of vitality to the musical present. SCORPION CHILD's sound invokes a time when guitar-driven rock ruled radio's airwaves, when being hypnotized by a frontman and his bandmates in a concert arena was one of life's ultimate main events.

Corsair - Corsair

Starting out as a tribute band of Black Sabbath, Corsair soon decided to go their own way. So it was about 2008 when the band took shape. Keeping the flame alive for 70s classic rock, hard rock & psychedelic rock music, they immediately put all of their influences from acts like: Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, King Crimson & Camel among others on the table.

RCFP - We Want Groove out in late January

With its reboot of classic ’70s /‘80s jazz-funk, Rock Candy Funk Party (RCFP) delivers a sound that’s as celebratory as the name suggests. The group is powered by a line-up of world renowned players—album producer Tal Bergman (drums), Joe Bonamassa (guitar), Ron DeJesus (guitar), Mike Merritt (bass) and Renato Neto (keyboards)—who came together for the sheer fun of making music, and a mutual love of genre-blurring grooves.

Cristiano Roversi - AntiQua

Cristiano Roversi is a known member on the Italian prog rock scene as he has been in bands like Moongarden, Mangala Vallis & Submarine Silence over the years. Being a multi-instrumentalist himself, as well as a composer and producer, he has released two solo works to date, “Music From My Room’s Window” in 1999 and “The Park” in 2003. Now, he’s back after almost a decade with his new solo work entitled “AntiQua”.

Hawkwind’s guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton passed away

Taken from hawkwind.com:
It is with immense sadness that we have to let you know our great friend of many years and fellow musician Huw Lloyd Langton passed away peacefully last night (12/07/2012).
Huw had been bravely fighting cancer for a couple of years, but was determined not to let the battle affect his day to day life. He continued to play his guitar, laugh, joke and share the great love he had in his heart, with all who knew him.