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Macbeth Neo-Gothic Propaganda cover
Mach22 Sweet Talk Intervention cover
Machine Mass Inti cover
Mad Max Another Night of Passion cover
Mad Max Interceptor cover
Madam X Monstrocity cover
Madder Mortem Red in Tooth and Claw cover
Magic Kingdom Savage Requiem cover
Magick Touch Blades Chains Whips & Fire cover
Magister Templi Into Duat cover
Magnet Feel Your Fire cover
Magnum Escape from the Shadow Garden cover
Magnum Sacred Blood, Divine Lies cover
Magnus Karlsson’s Freefall Kingdom of Rock cover
Majesty Generation Steel cover
Majesty of Revival Iron Gods cover
Major Parkinson Blackbox cover
Malison cover
Malrun Two Thrones cover
Mammmothor Devotion Lost cover
Manilla Road To Kill a King cover
Manimal Trapped in the Shadows cover
Manowar Kings of Metal MMXIV cover
Manowar The Lord Of Steel (Hammer Edition) cover
Marbin The Third Set cover
Marc Vanderberg Highway Demon cover
Marillion F E A R (Fuck Everyone and Run) cover
Marilyn Manson Heaven Upside Down cover
Marilyn Manson The Pale Emperor cover
Mark Slaughter Halfway There cover
Mark Wingfield Proof of Light cover
Martin Turner Written in the Stars cover
Martina Eddoff Unity cover
Marty Friedman Wall of Sound cover
Mastercastle Enfer (De La Bibliotheque Nationale) cover
Masterplan Aeronautics cover
Masterplan cover
Masterplan PumpKings cover
Masters Of Disguise The Savage and the Grace cover
Masters Of Metal From Worlds Beyond cover
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