The Unit - I Won’t Die

The Unit I Won’t Die cover
The Unit
I Won’t Die
Pavement Entertainment
Average: 6.8 (6 votes)
The Unit is an aggressive rock duo from Long Beach, CA. Due to the nature of their project, I expected it to be a pretty basic garage/punk and metal inspired affair (somewhere between The Plasmatics and the Runaways) and I wasn’t far off… in fact I was spot on.
The songs aren’t too bad, but with the band being a duo / not even a trio, you can tell that it’s only guitar, voice and percussion, so it’s all sounding pretty spartan. I tend to feel that a couple of more permanent members might have helped this project sound fuller… and allowed Sofi Savage (guitar/vocals) to concentrate on vocals, instead to effect ridding every other phrase. More than a couple of songs including the title track are more than OK, but overall the debut for “The Unit” feels lacking due to it being way too basic.

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