The Murder Of My Sweet - Echoes of the Aftermath

The Murder Of My Sweet Echoes of the Aftermath cover
The Murder Of My Sweet
Echoes of the Aftermath
Frontiers Music Srl
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The Murder Of My Sweet is a band that was formed in 2007 in Sweden by drummer and producer Daniel Flores. Their music is a mix of a cinematic type of rock with references to a lot of progressive oriented bands and a heavy sound, lightened by the sensuous delivery of one Angelica Rylin, the group’s front lady. Now the whole thing might sound ideal on paper, but it really didn’t seem to work for me, on their first two efforts…
However maybe the better songwriting and melodies of 2015’s “Beth out of Hell” did change my mind, and had me warming up to their whole concept. Obviously calling the album “Almost Wagnerian in style” or comparable to such masterpieces as “Operation Mindcrime” as a few media did, is absolute hooey… but it was a vast improvement nonetheless.
Now this new album claims to be even more straightforward, but it somewhat lacks in hooks, instead relying on its orchestrations and drumming to carry it along, with the guitars, anemic at best; without falling back to the mediocrity of the earlier works, this is a decline from the near perfect balance of the band’s previous album and miss Rylin can’t seem to raise the result by her voice alone, but only offer fleeting good moments and melodies (ie “Flatline”) that don’t outlast the songs.
Not bad, but surely, they could have done much better.

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