The Haunted - Strength in Numbers

The Haunted Strength in Numbers cover
The Haunted
Strength in Numbers
Century Media Records
Average: 5.7 (61 votes)
The Haunted after a couple of albums that were pretty strong and Slayer influenced early on, while they were still in Earache and fronted by a drama queen vocalist, took a turn for the better and the worse, with their promotion to Century Media’s roster and at the same time the introduction of the much more workmanlike Marco Aro.
The band went through some lineup changes but have steadily released new album while adapting more to a melo/death/core/groove identity and sound that they took to extremes with “Unseen” probably one of their weakest more “commercial” attempts; “Exit Wounds” tried to pick up the pieces a bit and undo the damage to the band’s cred and “Strength in Numbers” (their ninth studio album) is another step towards a somewhat more orthodox direction – but also the result of having to get out and tour or fulfill a contractual term rather than inspiration overflowing.
Unable to be leaders of the genre, they do subscribe to any Swedish and American “trend”, delivering a “safe” album that will neither impress or disappoint; a couple of better moments include the title track and “Preachers of Death”, while songs like “Brute Force” and “The Fall” do well in trying to cater to the “headbanding” sentiment, but that’s about all…
If you’re a fan you’re unlikely to be disappointed, unless you’re a puritan one, in which case it is likely you have abandoned the band post Dolving, otherwise you’re unlikely to be impressed.

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