The Evil Dead - Earth Inferno

The Evil Dead Earth Inferno cover
The Evil Dead
Earth Inferno
Witches Brew
Average: 6 (91 votes)
The Evid Dead, apart from a fan series of movies featuring the godly Bruce Campbell, is an Argentinian quintet that seems to perform something that I could not describe any differently that classic metal, but with vocals that sound a bit like Dissection only a little dodgier.
While the antithesis is supposed to create intrigue and draw the listener to this, the two distinct styles mix as good as water and oil (ie not at all) ending up in a rather decent album musically, if only a little too straightforward, being mangled by the lack of a convincing vocalist. If I were them I’d be holding auditions for a clean singer now.
This hardly even falls under a black n roll “label”, as even when it could be characterized as such, the vocals are poor and rather off, which is a pity, as songs like “The Sulfur Heart” would have been pretty enjoyable otherwise…

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