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The Doomsday Kingdom
The Doomsday Kingdom
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I suppose ever since Lief Edling started diversifying his focus into different projects during the last dates of a then “project” solo band that Candlemass had turned into (and its final couple of albums), before going on hiatus for the first time, we’ve been introduced into a plethora of interesting projects, ie Krux and Avatarium and a few others… while none of those managed to out-do their debuts, TD, tries to be a promising one, sounding in many a places like a more primal and power metal version of the Rob Lowe “era” C’mass.
The eponymous offering by TDK features Marcus Jidell on guitars Lief’s sideman also on Avatarium, and a former player with The Ring, as well as a member of the rather popular Soen, Niklas Stålvind, best known as the guitarist/vocalist for Wolf and lastly Andreas Johannson, best known for having drummed on several Narnia album as well as a bunch of other Christian bands as well.
The “Silent Kingdom” starts off in a way that really reminded me not only the beginning and the riff of the “Emperor of the Void” but with similar climaxes, but manages to differentiate itself enough to not really make me cry foul… via a series of smart inventions…
“Never Machine” may begin as a generic Sabbath inspired jam, without much else to talk other than a decent riff, but after it’s pretty harmonious short lead and buzzsaw bass it surprises with a sickly “softer” melodic chorus that contrasts beautifully while piquing the atmosphere tenfold… even the broken “solo vocal” verse works well in the grand scheme of things, paradoxically so. Its lead was never a question, Jidell does a hell of a job.
“A Spoonful of Darkness” has a more 70s hard rock sound, but a lot cleaner approach in its tones, which works great during the instrumental passages but not always in the verses…
“See You Tomorrow” is a soft instrumental, a tendency that seems prevailing in recent times… well if no lyrics fit, never mind… this fragile and sorrowful piece is nice as it is…
“The Sceptre” would really not feel out of place in “Death Magic Doom”, which obviously is telling of how good it is… it’s a pity that Lief didn’t really put all the demo tracks on this album, then both the strong “Zodiac City”, but also the haunting “Whispering” that probably was deemed too acoustic, I suppose… and out of climate.
I dunno if the intro of “Hand of Hell” is a nod to Sabbath or just so subconscious, but let’s say it’s not original, plus to vocal lines and overall composition seem unimaginative “as hell”, with even the instrumental break and leads not manage to lift it at least to “purgatory”; a good line comes too late and is too little to save the track from damnation…
“The Silence” is rather noisy, at least before it goes hypnotic and bowie for a bit, before a biting riff rears its head that is and some nice ideas develop before they do this all over again; a song that would feel probably more at home in the first Avatarium album, if anywhere and could use a bit more work…
Last, but not least, “The God Particle”, clocking at more than nine minutes, doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to manifest itself, with a rather lazy but riffy intro that is pretty central to most of the track. It more than once that gets very soft and whispered, in a sweet sounding but rather creepy/hippy way that struggles a bit to justify its length. I suppose you might dig it, if you like next to everything Lief has done, even the more experimental stuff…
Not a bad album and there are 2-3 really strong songs here, but I’d rather have heard those as Candlemass tunes, I think, as they seem to have that “character” more than say “Death Thy Lover” did… but then again, I’m not the King Of The Grey Islands, not the Doomfather… so whatever Lief keep on dooming and come back to the stage soon, with these or the other guys… preferably, with all in sequence to really celebrate the “return”.

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