The Chasing Monster - Tales - Today, Our Last Day on Earth

The Chasing Monster Tales - Today, Our Last Day on Earth cover
The Chasing Monster
Tales - Today, Our Last Day on Earth
Antigony Records
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The Chasing Monster is a newcomer from Italy, which was formed in 2014. In the same year they released their eponymous EP. They kept performing, writing and evolving as a band and during 2015 they released three new singles, which showcased the band’s new music direction. In 2017 the time was right for the band to release their debut album, “Tales”.
Musically, The Chasing Monster are into post-rock music with various atmospheric rock elements and a few electro ones. What’s different in their post-rock approach is the addition of spoken words. There’s a story behind this album and it is being told by a guy and a gal. Sometimes we can hear them speak in the tracks but there are small parts between the tracks, which you can hear the two protagonists talk to each other and unveil the story. “Tales” has also a “deluxe version”, which contains 5 spoken parts additional to the tracks. That means a 12 track list, in comparison with the “standard edition” that only features the 7 tracks. What’s the difference one might ask… Well, I’ll take the “deluxe edition’ (not only cuz I fancy special editions in general), but because these 5 spoken parts are very well-made and offer the full picture of the story, “Today, Our Last Day on Earth”, to the ones who are fond of this kind of “strange” stories. The deluxe edition with the 12 tracks lasts around 43 minutes. The standard ones with the 7 tracks last around 37 minutes. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at West Homesick Recording Studio, and the production is clean & full.
I do think that these young Italians are quite good in what they do and they have a lot more to offer in the next years. Their debut album is quite emotional, mature and well-crafted on the whole; it’s hard to believe that this is just a band that was formed 3 years ago. I’d like to see how they will evolve over the next years and I think it would be nice to add a few vocals (both male & female ones) besides the narration on their tracks too. Every track is enjoyable, but my favorite ones are “The Porcupine Dilemma”, “Albatros”, “La Costante” (which features Theodore Freidolph of Acres) and “Today, Our Last Day on Earth”. Try them out if you fancy post-rock music and you won’t be disappointed…

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