The Brainwashing Machine - Connections

The Brainwashing Machine Connections cover
The Brainwashing Machine
Independent Release
Average: 5.9 (92 votes)
Righty, this Italian band, not to be confused with a Colombian prog one, was formed in 2005, took a while – about seven years to release a proper debut after, an eponymous EP and returns with a sophomore now…
They are a modern rock act, with the odd alternative and stoner influences that fans of bands like The Quill and their ilk will find not only familiar but also quite possibly enjoyable, if they don’t mind them being a little more energetic and punkish.
They do pull off the style decently enough with songs that offer a decent amount of variety in a genre that’s not exactly known for how inventing and varied it can be. I would not mind the vocals being a little softer or mixed just a tiny amount lower in the mix, cause they do tend to stick out a bit more than I’d like on the more energetic numbers… still a pretty fair album, representing it’s style, very well.

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