Syrus - Tales of War

Syrus Tales of War cover
Tales of War
Independent Release
Syrus is a Texas band, most famous for featuring the later Fates Warning frontman Ray Alder on an early 1987 demo. This is pretty much a digital only less-songs version of the eponymous compilation album that Steel Legacy brought out in 2008 combining the 2 demos together; here fewer songs are featured, along with some generic “medieval” artwork.
Musically, think very early Queensryche, Helstar, Manowar and Fates Warning of the Artch era, done by two different vocalists, Michael Vasquez and of course Ray, of whom Ray is the better and more steady without pitch issues. The songs hold some promise, but as these are “demos” in essence, the production leaves quite a bit to be desired.
For the Ryche fetishists it goes without saying that it’s an interesting proposition, but the rest can probably just pass it without much regret.