Suicide Bombers - Suicide Idols

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Suicide Bombers
Suicide Idols
Suicide Records
Having chosen probably the silliest most disgraceful name in recent history and having their singer, Chris Damien Doll “The Sleaze Fuhrer” (!?) present himself with a Nazi commander’s hat, is a move done in very bad taste, even if it’s done in jest. Further to that, when compared to their Swedish counterparts that seem to be the majority of Sleazoids, they almost always feel like the poor relative, lacking a real bite and relying a bit too much on mid-tempo stuff, without any real “hit” other than “Suicide Idol” or a nice ballad in the album.
CDD doesn’t really possess a voice that’s worth writing home about. I mean, he’s got the grit that seems to be necessary for the sleazy hard rock genre in most cases, but that’s about it, the tone and timbre are less than likable. The band is somewhat better, but it sounds rather flatly mixed without the guitars punching out with panache… with the only other song than “Suicide Idol” standing out a bit being “Next World War”, the album suffers and quickly becomes boring. If you are ready to “swallow” anything, just because the genre is not offering “enough” material, you might like ‘em – but overall they make more noise than they can get away with…