Subliminal Crusher - Newmanity

Subliminal Crusher Newmanity cover
Subliminal Crusher
Revalve Records
5 years after their previous album, these Italian metalers are back with their 4th release under a new label this time. Subliminal Crusher are fond of blending thrash/groove metal with various death, metalcore & modern elements. Several acts will cross your mind while listening to them such as: Pantera, The Haunted, Machine head, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, DevilDriver and so forth.
Even though you won’t find anything fresh or innovative in this album, none can say that hasn’t been done with passion and energy. What I like most is the dynamic rhythm section & the heavy guitars… and what I do not fancy are the core-like vocals. I can’t stand them that much and for a long time. When the vocalist calms a bit down then things are finer… but you won’t see that happening a lot.
The production is powerful & heavy… nicely done for this kind of music. I think there are various things that should be changed if they care about becoming known to a wider audience from now on. You see that’s not their debut album. More melodies, better vocals and a little musical variety would be just good for a start. Nevertheless, you can listen to them and decide on your own whether they are of your liking or not…