Striker - Striker

Striker cover
Record Breaking Records
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We’re used to seeing newcomers releasing their homonymous debut albums all the time and that’s the usual thing… then again some bands prefer to do it differently, like these Canadian metallers, that decided to release their fifth album under their own name and via their own independent label, Record Breaking Records. Now, they have the total control of their music and in a more formal way.
Striker have been around for a decade, so they know exactly what do they wanna do and what they want to avoid. The fact that they are young and they are into traditional metal music showcases that this music will always be renewed by newcomers that are willing to “serve” it in their way. One could actually call it “New Wave of Heavy Metal”, but no matter how you call it the final outcome is the same. The guys are into heavy metal music and they’re not kidding at all. The production is powerful & heavy, with a few old/retro touches here & there. The renowned Fredrik Nordström (Dark Tranquillity, HammerFall, In Flames, Arch Enemy etc.) mixed & mastered the album. Moreover, the guitarists Simon Fallon (The Order of Chaos) & Adam Grimmelt participate in “Striker”.
The opener, “Former Glory” is the “hit” of the album; a terrific melodic heavy metal track on the whole. “Born to Lose”, “Rock the Night”, “Over the Top” & “Freedom’s Call” are some really strong tracks that will make your head bang, no matter what. It’s obvious that Striker have taken their own “metal” way now and they do not give a damn about any kind of bullshit that may occur here & there… and that’s the right “metallic” attitude, if you ask me…

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