Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion

Storm Corrosion
Storm Corrosion
Roadrunner Records
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This is one of the most anticipated collaborations of the past years. What started out, almost a decade ago, as a relationship between Opeth (Mikael Åkerfeldt) & Steven Wilson… has finally delivered an album.
There’s so much talking… and that’s not bad at all… about the musical direction of the album. The fans are trying to figure out what Mikael Åkerfeldt & Steven Wilson had in mind as they were writing this album. I thought that this was gonna be like Porcupine Tree with more atmospheric passages along with Mikael’s vocals… even though I do appreciate Steven more as a singer. But as it seems… Steven & Mikael had decided from the very first time to do something experimental, mellow, atmospheric, avant-garde with minimum percussion, various 70s prog/psychedelic rock elements and influences from King Crimson, Floyd & Talk Talk (“Spirit of Eden”). After all, as Steve said… they didn’t want to just give what was expected… so in other words… they wanted to cause a little buzz around this release… can’t you tell?!
The fun thing here is that this album is not addressing to any of the fans of Porcupine Tree or Opeth! The guys did something strange… that was well-welcomed by many… but I wonder what could have happened if this album hadn’t been released by those two famous musicians? How many would have praised it?! How much media exposure would it have received?! Personally, I like parts of this album… I think there are moments here & there that have that Wilson magic-touch… even though this ain’t a release for every time of the day… and listening to it in your car would be hard. It quite needs a more mysterious & sacramental preparation so as to get into it… in a dark room or a starlit roof… with nothing to distract your concentration. The video for “Drag Ropes” is so beautifully & mysteriously made that it sometimes steals some of the song’s glory…
This one’s very hard to rate… as the rating depends on the emotional inner feelings you have at the time… you’ll choose to play it. Overall, I can’t see why those who fond of experimental, atmospheric, avant-garde & psychedelic mellow music… might not find it at least interesting as a cohesive music piece…
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