Steel City - Now It’s Time

Steel City
Now It’s Time
Logic(il)Logic Records
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Steel City are a new Italian band and “Now It’s Time” is their debut album. They took shape back in 2010 and on their facebook page they describe themselves as an alternative metal band. To be honest, I had no idea what that meant exactly.
“Now It’s Time” is an interesting mixture of post-grunge, hardcore, hard rock and metal. Steel City have managed to combine the best aspects of their favorite bands. So you will hear a little bit of Breaking Benjamin combined with some Machine Head and with a touch of Bullet for My Valentine. Personally, this is what I really enjoyed about the album.
Even if you don’t like Steel City’s sound, they display such an overwhelming urge to play music in this album that you just have to give them extra points for the effort. “Now It’s Time” overflows with such raw power and straight-forward energy, that it almost demands you start moving your head with the beat. It’s this driving force that makes this record stand out.
My personal favorite tracks are: “Now Is The Time”, “I Don’t Belong”, “No One’s Guilty”, “Under Your Face” and the almost thrash metal track of the record “Mandragora”.
It’s my humble opinion that if the band had the good fortune to be playing in the US or England this album would have gotten a lot more air-time and rock and metal fans worldwide would have known their name by now. This doesn’t mean that the album does not have its shortcomings, there are a few songs here and there that tend to get just a bit boring at times (“Last Evolution” for example). And, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t care about “Where is My Home” much. I think that Steel City haven’t figured out how to write a low tempo ballad yet. But all that is to be expected from such a new band especially on their first release. I’m really looking forward to their next work.

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