Steamroller Assault - Dead Man’s Hand

Steamroller Assault Dead Man’s Hand cover
Steamroller Assault
Dead Man’s Hand
Eat Metal Records
Steamroller Assault, the Bastard sons of Lemmy and Cronos, return for the third time, still charmless and different, after about ten years with Witchkiller remaining the sole constant member, throughout all reincarnations of the band…
You know the drill; it’s dodgy, streetwise metal, with piss stains, a whisky breath and a fag hanging out of the mouth, trying to figure out, what the fuck happened last night in the vein of mid-era Motorhead, Tank and all the other “progressive-aggressive” bands of the genre!
While this might be Steamroller’s most produced album, I somehow don’t like the sound of the guitar and drums – the former sounds rather anemic and not as high and punchy in the mix as it should and the drums might be “proper”, but sound also relatively like what you’d get in a rehearsal… as a matter of fact the album sounds “rather lively”, but w/o the punch it would need, not grooving as much as it should despite the band’s best efforts and it’s quite a pity as “Evil is My Middle Name”, “Midnight Blues”, “You Ain't So Pretty When I’m Sober” along with a few others are pretty good, including the chaotic but riffy “Skull Island” that waits baying for your blood (complete with a folk inspired solo)…
Overall, not disappointing, but I wish it sounded a little more punchy, cause right now it feels a little neutered and no amount of volume knob twitching can do much about that. Maybe a shot of anything would help however! Dope songs with a somewhat jaded sound, but at least they sound authentic as fuck!~