Speedrush - Endless War

Speedrush Endless War cover
Endless War
Eat Metal Records / Floga Records
Average: 6 (68 votes)
Speedrush are an Athenian speed/thrash combo that likes to keep things short, simple and to the point. 8 songs plus an intro in less than 35 minutes, means that songs are rapid firing, speedathons, that bring to mind, I dunno early Destruction with somewhat cleaner vocals, I guess? You know very much in that vein of German speed/thrash, with bits of Canadian malevolence (Exciter/Razor) in there for good measure.
If you like the style, it’s nearly flawless from the songs to the “sound” replicated perfectly. If someone told me it was recorded in 1985 and not today, I’d have no problem believing them, although it would have sounded suspiciously clean for that era.
The vinyl has an extra track and if you like this shit, you’re in for a very enjoyable half hour or so that you could easily repeat along with throwing shapes in front of your mirror, complete with bullet belt. Awesome stuff…

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