Source - Return to Nothing

Source Return to Nothing cover
Return to Nothing
Pavement Entertainment
Source is a Colorado based band that’s weird to put it bluntly. They have a modern sound, their performances can be rather meandering and intricate at times, but overall their arrangements are not always as complex, so you would be hard pressed not to call them prog… rock? Probably rock, because they’re not really metal, but there’s also something very contemporary American “rock” about their riffs and overall sound.
Ben Gleason, Dan Crisafulli, and Georges Octobous claim to channel their collective conscious through the exploration of flotation tanks, philosophy, meditation, yoga, and other embodiments and mindful practices. Which really means that if you get in the necessary “mindset” you might enjoy this immensely.
On the other hand, I didn’t manage to quite tune in to their “frequency”, so I must say I found their album abysmally tiresome and not even complex enough to at least garnish awe and amazement because of the virtuosity. There are some nice soundscapes and melodies (ie the chorus of “Return to Nothing”) but they’re too sporadic to really make a difference.