Sirocco - Lambay

Independent Release
I was introduced to some quite good independent releases lately and I still fancy how these bands have the quality that some others under a label miss. Anyhow, Sirocco come from Ireland and they define their music as Celtic heavy metal. The word “Celtic” made me anticipate a numerous folk elements but weirdly enough there only a few that were delivered by the guitars.
The band has embellished its traditional heavy metal music with several epic elements, a bit extreme & Celtic touches, thrashy passages as well as some fine dual guitar harmonies. It’s like Maiden are jamming along with Metallica while Thin Lizzy are watching them every so often. A rather strange mix but it works out well, I have to admit. The production is fairly good (even though I would prefer it a tad heavier) and has a rather traditional 80s atmosphere. The album was mixed by Finny Corcoran with Sirocco & mastered by Finny Corcoran alone.
Those who seek for a bit more modern things & sound will be estranged by this album but those who love traditional metal with good melodies, nice guitars and more into the 80s sound will find a good reason to revel in this Irish band.