Sinbreed - Master Creator

Sinbreed Master Creator cover
Master Creator
AFM Records
Sinbreed is a German power metal band that used to counter Marcus Siepen of Blind Guardian as a member during their first couple of albums – but since his departure to concentrate on BG, seem to be continuing without him. With his departure, the Strong Blind Guardian influence seems to diminish in favor of a Helloween/Iron Savior sort of sound that prevalent.
Flo Laurin their current guitarist/keyboardist seems capable of handling all duties at least in the studio (they might need a live guy) and their singer Herbie Langhans formerly of Seventh Avenue and currently a touring member of Avantasia sounds uncunningly like a much dirtier Andi Deris.
If a very capable but decidedly second league Helloween meets Guardian hybrid is what you want to hear, with a bit of a pendant of Christian themes etc., Sinbreed is a safe choice, managing a more than adequate level of songwriting and performances (ie “Across the Great Divide”, “Master Creator” etc...) throughout their third album, but not able to really take the leap to the major league at least yet…