Sideburn - #Eight

Sideburn #Eight cover
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These Swiss “Sideburn” guys should not be confused with a more buzzsaw, stoner band by the same name that is probably still active (with some five or so albums to their name).
In these guys case, think some eight albums, with the album title becoming pretty self-explanatory. Also think AC/DC and not Sabbath and their progeny… apparently they have been able to even contribute some tracks to movies and shows, like “Wolverine” and “Hit n Run” as well as in “24”, but that doesn’t seem to have made them household names in any way. Even the name dropping of the various bands they’ve played with (probably locally) and the fact that they’ve written a song for the sports brand Adidas (again possibly locally – or we ‘d have known)…
They’ve been going on for some twenty years, but in all honesty, I’ve not heard of them before, despite the status they alleged to have… I dunno maybe their appeal is “selective”? To quote the immortal Spinal Tap…?
Spinal Tap references aside, the songs on eight are simple and to the point rockers that don’t tire and keep things interesting enough. If you like AC/DC, ZZ Top and the like… rock ‘n roll with an edge and gruffy vocals, this thing here, will tick all the right boxes. It might not blow your mind, but it will deffo get you stomping your feet happily away.

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