Shawn James - On the Shoulders of Giants

Shawn James On the Shoulders of Giants cover
Shawn James
On the Shoulders of Giants
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Shawn James is a Chicago based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that has a thing for blues music in general. Of course, Shawn’s blues are embellished with folk, rock, soul and country touches. Shawn releases albums both as a solo artist and with his band The Shapeshifters.
“On the Shoulders of Giants” was recorded live at legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN on February 2nd, 2016. Apart from the vocals, Shawn also plays the guitar, the kick drum and the tambourine on this album. That’s all. Shawn does what he loves best and he shares it with his fans. This is a rather personal release, a bit dark and emotional. Surely, those who have been following him all these years will not be surprised by the nature of this release.
Shawn is a genuine blues devotee. He is into this kind of music with all his might and his soul. That’s obvious if you listen to any of the live recordings from this album. It kinda feels like seeing Shawn live (with a guitar) in a small club at night. In truth to be told, this release mostly addresses Shawn’s followers and those who truly fancy this kind of blues acoustic stuff.