Shadowside - Shades of Humanity

Shadowside Shades of Humanity cover
Shades of Humanity
EMP Label Group
Average: 5.1 (36 votes)
Shadowside is a Brazilian quartet on their fourth album, which features former Hammerfall bassist Magnus Rosen. They are female fronted, but their frontwoman Dani, who also is their keyboard player, has a very strong, stentorian voice with a quite manly timbre and quite the range, not exactly unlike Leather (Leone’s) from Chastain, but probably a little less extreme and a fach lower, so you might be a little surprised if you expected to hear “angelic” vocals. Their music is a fusion of power and traditional metal, with some brief forays into more modern forms and their lyrics seem to be largely inspired by real-life issues (ie the track “Stream of Shame is about the dam breach in the Mariana, Brazil that fatal to quite a few people), which comes in stark contrast with most of the bands in the genre that tend to be fantasy based.
There are a number of quite nice tunes on the album from the dynamic “The Beast Inside”, to the equally impressive “Make My Fate”, the aforementioned and really impersonate “Stream of Shame”, the more melodic “Drifter” or their most multifaceted attempt “Alive”.
While I find their overall attempt “charming” and well meant, I suppose what I do find a little not to my liking is the style of riffs that’s largely similar, chunky and repetitive, ending up in making a lot of the songs sounding pretty similar. A little more variety in the riff department would go a great way in making the songs way more memorable, I guess. Worth giving them a listen and definitely keeping an eye on them.

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