Selene - The Ravages of Time

Selene The Ravages of Time cober
The Ravages of Time
Independent Release
Selene is a trio of musicians (possibly augmented for live performances) from Northern Ireland, who reminded me somewhat of what Within Temptation have sounded on “Enter” stylistically, but are nowhere near as proficient as the Dutch were, back when they debuted.
The programmed drumming, doesn’t help with dynamics and while Shonagh Lyons isn’t terrible vocally, she doesn’t seem at least at this point able to muster much power in her delivery, enough to follow the usually rather energetic performances closely, instead floating on top of the arrangements, but barely.
The mix is amateur at best, rough and while “clean” unable to actually make the result cohesive, with instruments antagonizing instead of complementing each other. A effort at a “duet” on “Burning Bridges” with a Dave Balfour from Maverick exemplifies the shortcomings, with the vocals in this case mixed way too high and even levels being inconsistent between tracks; a lack of proper mastering, or a chop-job thereof.
While there are lots of nice “moments” in the effort, which is their sophomore release after the debut in 2015 and a  couple of EPs earlier and local touring in their native Ireland. The performances aren’t bad, the production is a big “issue” that drags down the effort significantly, with its demo quality not really helping the band with its cause… if they’d be willing to invest more time and effort and probably get a producer instead of relying on the guitarist trying to do “everything”, I’m sure that they would probably improve considerably and rather soon too.
Fans of old Nightwish and Within Temptation, before they went pop, might want to check them out.