Screamer - Hell Machine

Screamer Hell Machine cover
Hell Machine
High Roller Records
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Screamer is one of those bands that were formed during the last decade or so and they are into the heavy metal of the early 80s. It is true that there are a lot of new bands from Europe and the US that worship the 80s era and they are paying their tribute to it.
Screamer’s previous album, “Phoenix” was released in 2013. It’s been 4 years since the band has come up with a new studio album. “Hell Machine” is the band’s third release and the one that introduces the band’s two new members, the vocalist Andreas Wikstrom (ex-Cruoris, ex-Nasheim, ex-Stoneload) and bassist Fredrik Svensson Carlstrom (Falkoping), to their fans. This album will show the band’s way somehow, since the vocalist change is always a barometer for any band. Personally, I think I fancy Andreas’ voice a bit more, but that’s just my point of view. The band’s production is close to the ones the heavy metal bands used in the early 80s, heavy but not too much yet powerful in a way. It’s fine and a bit “retro”, especially for those who fancy this kind of sound.
“Hell Machine” is a new step and probably the most difficult one in the band’s career. It may cost them a few fans but it will definitely make them known to a wider audience. “On My Way” along with “Lady of the Night” are some friggin great heavy metal tracks and certainly the best ones in the album. If you are into the new wave of the 80s heavy metal music, then you should check out this Swedish band…

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