Scarved - Lodestone

Scarved Lodestone cover
Sleaszy Rider Records
Average: 5.8 (94 votes)
“Lodestone” is the sophomore release for the Belgium, female-fronted hard rockers Scarved. The new album was released almost three years after the band’s debut, “Dynamite”.
In the new album, the band blends hard rock music with classic rock & melodic metal… of course, some modern rock/metal touches can also be found here & there. Caro (the vocalist) has a dynamic voice that’s nice in general. The band’s sound is rocking and powerful, although it could have been a bit more cohesive at places. The album features 11 tracks and lasts around 58 minutes. I do think that almost an hour is a bit too much overall for a hard rock album.
Anyhow, without being bad or something like that, Scarved has the same problem that most new or fairly new bands are facing these days. Their tracks lack hooks and it’s hard to remember any damn melody after almost one hour of listening. That ain’t good whatsoever. All we get in the end is generic hard rock music with OK riffs and nice vocals. I know that it ain’t easy to come up with strong hooks but especially this kind of music needs it more than anything else.

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