Scar for Life - 3 Minute Silence

Scar for Life 3 Minute Silence cover
Scar for Life
3 Minute Silence
Infektion Records
Having gone through some major line-up changes before they recorded and released their third work… this Portugese band parted ways with its previous vocalist due to musical differences and the new guy who took over is Leonel Silva that also brought a breeze of freshness to the group. With the addition of the drummer Joao Colaco (ex-More Than A Thousand) & the (live) guitarist Sergio Faria (he also contributed a couple of solos in the CD) they were more than ready to go on.
It’s true that the first song of the album doesn’t let you draw safe conclusions as far as the band’s music style is concerned. Well, that’s the “weird” thing with this album… which I will analyze better below. Starting rather powerfully – after the calm intro – you may think that this is another heavy/extreme metal band with melodic passages and thrash influences mainly from the Sweden scene. Then the second song takes you somewhere else… it becomes more modern melodic metal without losing any of its energy. The truth is that as you keep on listening to the CD… it becomes more interesting. Going even further, the songs are being embellished with several gothic features. Of course the guest appearances of the violinist Anne Vitorino d’Almeida, the Finnish singer Kari Vahakuopus (Catamenia) and the British keyboardist Ged Rylands (ex-Ten) have contributed so as to make the final outcome even better. The production is pretty strong as well.
The songs that distinct from the album and are actually wonderful are: “White Shades”, “Burn It All” (which is featuring Kari Vahakuopus), “Before the Storm”, “One More Day” (which is featuring Anne Vitorion d'Almeida), “Old Man” (which is also featuring feat. Anne Vitorion d'Almeida), & the instrumental version of “One More Day”. The other songs are fine but they are quite different in style… for example “Brave Enough” is an atmospheric black metal tune with a melodic refrain with clean vocals and “The Journey” is a more thrash-like track with various metalcore and alternative elements. I do not imply that those diverse songs are bad or something but you see that lack of musical orientation may confuse the listener in the end.
It’s good to blend-up different music styles but not having an exact vision for the music you wanna deliver is not so good in the end. The songwriting is good but sometimes is topsy-turvy… without giving the actual music stigma of the band. I have listened to the album more than 10 times and still cannot decide what kind of music they’re up to. If there were more songs like the above-mentioned ones and the music style was more consistent then it would have been a very strong release. Still, it is good but I think the guys should establish their style and deal more with their hard rock/gothic side… it suits them best I think…