Saint Vitus - Lillie: F-65

Saint Vitus
Lillie: F-65
Season of Mist
One of the pioneering doom metal bands… Saint Vitus can surely be among those bands that defined the genre and influenced some of the so called stoner rock (what a rash term) bands which are trying to imitate and copy the sound and the heavy slow riffs they once taught. Certainly, they all bow to the mighty Black Sabbath… that are the godfathers of doom metal… and not only.
Back from the dead after 17 years… with Scott “Wino” Weinrich behind the microphone, they are here again to show all those stoner rock/wannabe heavy groups how slow, creepy heavy riffs should be played. The sound is 80s and kinda muddy… making it quite obvious that they do not give a shit if it is 2012… for them it’s still the 80s and they totally enjoy it. I mostly prefer the bands’ mid-tempo songs such as the exceptional “Saint Vitus” but that’s another story.
Regrettably, this isn’t a dreamy comeback as the album is rather short, only 33 minutes, and not very inspired. It does have all the band’s sound trademarks but those wah/squeaking-guitar effects, assuredly, cannot be considered as songs and show lack of creativity. They could have pushed the album back for a while… as many fans were excited on the news of their comeback… although it wasn’t proven to be so good as they expected it to be. Anyway, let’s hope the follow up album will have all the Saint Vitus elements that made them legendary, plus more inspiration…