Sailing To Nowhere - Lost in Time

Sailing To Nowhere Lost in Time cover
Sailing To Nowhere
Lost in Time
Underground Symphony
Sailing To Nowhere is an Italian sextet, on their second album, in the power metal genre, with slight prog tendencies. They were complete unknown to me previously, but even on their second attempt, I find plenty of issues with the sound, while they don’t sound bad musically if not a little lacking in the production department, the dual male/female vocals fail to make a mark and their combination, due to the vast difference in tonality, makes things even more odd, although they manage to maintain the ratio between them which is harmonic. The two vocals seem to antagonize each other, instead of complementing each other.
“New Life” and “Apocalypse” along with “Scream of the World” are the better picks from the album, but overall I feel the band needs to try much harder to really get somewhere and the 6 guests the album sports including former Rhapsody singer, Fabio Leone, don’t automatically “raise” the level, just by their inclusion.