Saga - 20/20

Yes, there had been a bit of turbulence before “20/20” came out… but let’s say it was a natural one and everything turned out to be for the best. Saga had released their first CD with Rob Moratti (The Human Condition) in 2009 and they toured both Europe and Canada when suddenly, on January 28, 2011 an official statement came out announcing Michael Sadler’s return as their lead singer! Shock number one, followed by the declaration of Mike Thorne replacing Brian Doerner and becoming their new drummer.
The band sticks with their progressive rock, AOR, classic rock and art rock musical orientations and they are delivering us an album that will not only satisfy Saga-holics but might also arouse other audiences’ curiosity to delve into them. I would act in bad faith if l told you I went crazy over their music in the past but there’s definitely something very interesting with “20/20”. All the previously-mentioned genres are brightly combined giving us a range of well-arranged songs to suit every mood; melodic and soft sounds on the one hand and some hard rocking ones on the other. Certainly, the best moments here are: “Six Feet Under” a catchy opener, “Ellery” a really sweet tune, ”Spin It Again” with a hard rock air and a nice guitar solo, “Another Day out of Sight” – very catchy refrain, “Ball and Chain” a pleasurably melodious song, “Lost for Words” – mellow keyboards and somehow heartrending lyrics and “Till the Well Runs Dry” the last song of the album which quite bizarrely urges you to keep on humming it.
Long story short, “20/20” has got things to offer as long as one decides to devote a lot more than one time listening to it; it is one of those albums that gets better and better every time. So, fans who enjoy those music styles should be keen on having it in their collection. By the way, I loved the artwork too. I guess the ala Einstein face does have a “perfect vision” surrounded by such a contraption after all.