Rush - Clockwork Angels

Clockwork Angels
Roadrunner Records
Rush is indeed one of the most influential and effective progressive rock bands of all time. It’s incredible how many & great bands those three - impenitent music lovers - Canadian musicians have influenced throughout their career. The formula is clear… if you wanna be progressive, complex and experimental… get the band’s 70s & 80s back catalogue and listen to them even in your sleep… this will bring you some “inspiration” as many others of the so called big prog metal bands have done in the past.
So, 5 years have passed since “Snakes & Arrows” and the band do not stray from the 00s sound they presented with the previous album & “Vapor Trails” in 2002. Still contemporary, rock, hard when they should be, pop-rock some other times with an AOR flavor, complex and progressive when they need to and overall, melodic and more down to earth than in the 70s or the 80s. Take it or leave it… this is the Rush of the 21st century in the very end. It’s truly unbelievable how the music fire burns inside their souls from more than 40 years… while they’re still around giving gigs and recording new music. What’s not to fancy about this band! The two songs, “Caravan” & “BU2B” that were released during the previous year… weren’t so close to what I like from the band… but gave me a perspective of the album’s sound. The performances are all exceptional – how couldn’t they be in any case?! - and since I’m a big fan of Neil… I just love to hear him technically torture his drum kit over and over again. Even though the production is very good… it’s not modern or as clear and polished as some will possibly think, considering the magnitude of the band.
As in all the Rush albums… not matter how complex & experimental they are or not… still someone needs repeated listens if they wanna get the latent music background of Rush. So the song arrangements are worth receiving a close look and several listens… just for the sake of music harmony. Surely, anyone could have their favorites from the album but it’s rather challenging not to refer to the catchy “The Wreckers” & the amazing, atmospheric and wonderful “The Garden”. Essentially, “Clockwork Angels” is a congenial and well-arranged album & probably the band’s most complete album in the 21st century…