Royal Hunt - Cargo

Royal Hunt Cargo cover
Royal Hunt
Frontiers Music Srl
Royal Hunt have made a name for them with several releases over the years, which are considered modern day melodic metal/HR classics and in particular with their excellent concept album “Paradox” a good while ago…
Since the return of their original singer DC Cooper, the Danes have been quite energetic, steadily producing albums and touring around the world. Having not released a live album in a while and in particular having not performed their most classic piece of work in a bit, “Cargo” sees a complete playthrough of that album with the inclusion of a few more tunes like “The Mission”, “Half Past Loneliness”, “May You Never (Walk Alone)” and “A Life to Die For” between which the complete “Paradox” album is being performed. Culled allegedly from a variety of festival performances and given a homogenous edit, it feels as if it’s the result of a single performance… well, after all this time it’s quite amazing how this album/concept still sounds rather fresh, but then again, isn’t that what makes an album classic?!
Fans should get it, no question about it, while people who are not into the band or are first timers would be advised to go for the studio works, first, before they start looking for live performances…